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NE Bund

צפון מזרח בונד

The North East Victoria Chapter of the Jewish Labour Bund Inc. was formed in January 2019 to respond to the need for a progressive, activist, secular, Jewish organisation in the region. NE Bund encompasses regional centres and towns across the North East of Victoria including but not limited to: Wodonga, Wangaratta, Benalla, Beechworth, Rutherglen, Corryong, Tallangatta, Yarrawonga and Victoria's High Country.

Founding members, Chaver Ross (Wangaratta) and Chaver Daniel (Wodonga) have been instrumental in creating an active Jewish voice in North East Victoria - while taking a stand against injustice in the North East, Regional Victoria, Australia and across the world. 

Activities currently undertaken by NE Bund include:

  • Discussions

  • Campaigning

  • Social Trivia Nights

  • Activist History Tours of the Region

  • Bush shpatz'n

  • and much more

Our current campaigns include​

  • Funding for Rural Health from the Commonwealth

  • Totally Renewable for Yackandandah

  • Improved conditions for international farm workers in the North East.

  • Improved signage for Bund Creek, Daylesford (North East Honourary Community)

Latest News:

- Melbourne Bund Chaver Arnold Zable was invited to Albury LibraryMuseum for the launch of the Write Around the Murray festival program. We were inspired by stories of old Yiddishists and Bundists through Arnold's unique storytelling, which we shared with the wider Albury Wodonga community. We look forward to welcoming Arnold back to the North East in September during the festival proper.

- Mazel Tov to our Social Trivia Manshaft for their 2nd place win at Quizmeisters Trivia Wangaratta

- Chaveyrim Ross and Daniel presented on the rapid growth of N.E. Bund on Shavues at Melbourne SKIF Tikkun Leil

- Mazel Tov to our Social Trivia Manshaft for their 2nd place win at Quizmeisters Trivia Albury

- Mazel Tov to our Social Trivia Manshaft for their 3rd place win at Quizmeisters Trivia Wangaratta

- 'Shkoyekh to the progressive candidates of Indi for again staving off another Liberal/National attack on locals during this year's election campaign

- Our latest merchandise is fresh off the press and will be available on request.


- Davo please remember to pay your membership on time this year

- Mick, you left your akubra at the pub last week. Contact Ross to collect. 

If you are interested in joining NE Bund, please feel free to contact us.

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