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Below is a growing list of links relating to the Jewish Labour Bund, its history, archives and other information.

  • SKIF, the youth organisation of the Bund in Melbourne;

  • Workmen's Circle in New York, a progressive Jewish cultural organisation rooted in social action for over a century

  •, a guide through the history of the Bund - more links can be found here;

  • YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, an organisation focused on research of history and culture of East European Jewry;

  • Yiddishkayt, a cultural organisation focusing on preserving and investigating forgotten, disappearing and interesting aspects of Eastern European Yiddish Culture;

  • In One Voice festival, an all inclusive Australian Jewish culture festival co-sponsored by SKIF and the Kadimah;

  • Stand Up: A Jewish Commitment to a Better World, a Melbourne organisation focused on delivering aid to marginalised communities in Australia and abroad on behalf of the Australian Jewish Community.

  • Jewish Holocaust Centre was created by Melbourne Holocaust survivors, including a number of Bundistn like co-founder Bono Wiener, as a memorial to the 6 million Jews who were murdered in WWII with a mission to educate the public ‘to combat antisemitism, racism and prejudice in the community’.

  • Kadimah Jewish Cultural Centre and National Library is the foremost Yiddish cultural institution in Melbourne. With a rich history spanning over 100 years and across Melbourne, from Bourke St to Carlton to Elsternwick, the Kadimah continues its work promoting Yiddish language and culture.

  • The Australian Bund Wikipedia Page is being constantly developed and added to with thanks to local and international khaveyrim and labour historians.

Bund Reading List

60 years of 'Bund' in Melbourne, 1928-1988

Moshe Ajzenbud // Translated by Chana & Moishe Mrocki

Bundist Counterculture in Interwar Poland (2009)

Jack Jacobs

Jewish Politics in Eastern Europe: The Bund at 100 (2001)

Jack Jacobs

20 Years with the Jewish Labor Bund

Bernard Goldstein // Translated by Marvin S. Zuckerman

The International Jewish Labor Bund after 1945: Toward a Global History

David Slucki

For Our Freedom and Yours: The Jewish Labour Bund in Poland 1939-1949

Daniel Blatman

Yiddish Revolutionaries in Migration: The Transnational History of the Jewish Labour Bund (2022)

Frank Wolff

Der Bund In Bilder 1897-1957 דער בונד אין בילדער
J. S. Hertz 

Access through Yiddish Book Center 

Socialism in Yiddish (History of the Jewish Labour Bund in Sweden) (2022)
Håkan Blomqvist

The Bund: A Graphic History of Jewish Labour Resistance (2023)

Sharon Rudahl (Author); Paul Buhle (Editor); Michael Kluckner (Artist)


Sing This at My Funeral: A Memoir of Fathers and Sons (2019)

David Slucki

Strength of Hope

Abram Goldberg and Fiona Harris

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