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ראַדיאָ און פּאָדקאַסטן

Amol Un Haynt

The Bund and SKIF have their own radio show on Melbourne's own Jewish Radio station J-AIR 87.8FM. 

Each week Michael and Bobbi Zylberman provide news, information and stories with a Bundist flavour - tune in each week on Sundays at 3pm on 87.8FM in the Caulfield and surrounding areas and online at

Feel free to listen back to our old episodes via the podcast widget below.

Bund Podcast Series with Allan Preiss

"Bund In Iso" Spotify Playlist

In these challenging times many of us turn to music for relaxation, inspiration and connection. Music has always been a key part of the Bund and SKIF: in celebration, commemoration and demonstration.

To help us all get though the current restrictions we have complied a playlist with many of our favourite tracks, reflecting our core beliefs; social justice, a fairer society, Doikayt, and Yiddishkayt.

We are dedicating this playlist to our dear khaver, Moshe Goldberg. Moshe was a member and leader of the Bund and SKIF over more than 60 years. He loved life, his family, his friends and music.

Enjoy the playlist!

External Programs

Yiddish Feminist Podcast Vaybertaytsh has interviewed Chaverte Reyzl Zylberman and three Yiddish-speaking SKIFistn. on their program. 

Other miscellaneous podcasts and radio shows about the Bund or progressive politics are available to listen to below.

RadioLabour - Newscast May 1
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