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Remembering Doris Burstin

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

The Bund and SKIF community mourn the passing of our khaverte Doris Burstin. She was dedicated to yidishkayt and Yiddish education, becoming a Yiddish teacher and the foundation principal of Sholem Aleichem College. She also served as the Director of Yiddish Studies and then as a Director of the College council for many years.

Doris was amongst the first members of SKIF and grew up within the movement. Together with her husband, David, Doris was part of a large group of SKIFistn/helfer who were enormously involved and influential in SKIF and Yugnt Bund.

Doris was a mentor, colleague, teacher, friend and khaverte to many in our community. She was always warm, with a beautiful smile and with great generosity of spirit.

We send our deepest sympathies to her brother Henry and the Nusbaum family, together with Naomi, Michael and the Burstin family.

דאריס איז געווען א ווארעמע איבערגעגעבענע חברטע. זאל די ערד איר לייכט זיין און זאל די משפחה מער נישט וויסן פון קיין צער.

כבוד איר ליכטיקן אנדענק.

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