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Statement on Invasion of Ukraine

The Jewish Labour Bund decries the immoral and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation. This act of war has already caused the deaths of hundreds of civilians, the displacement of tens of thousands and trauma to millions of Ukrainians.

This is an outrageous attempt by Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation to redraw the borders of Europe and impose Russian control on an independent, sovereign country. It represents the worst of political cynicism and totalitarian excess, and must be opposed by all who support the notion of freedom and democracy.

We call for

  • Immediate humanitarian and medical aid to be supplied to the people of Ukraine

  • The immediate cessation of all acts of war, and the withdrawal of all Russian troops

  • The payment of reparations for damage inflicted by the Russian Federation on Ukraine

  • Coordinated efforts by the nations of the world and the United Nations to ensure the above

Image: Lyrics from 'Vemen Veln Mir Dinen, Brider?' - Artwork by @karolinakaseova on instagram (

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