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Bund Opposes US Supreme Court Abortion Ruling

The decision of the Supreme Court of the United States to overturn Roe v. Wade is an assault on the basic right of women to access safe health care.

Elections matter everywhere. In the United States, the party that wins could very well be selecting a supreme court judge that will set your rights back decades. The current Supreme Court, with a Right majority, has been years in the making.

Education about birth control was on the agenda of Yidishe Arbeter Froyen (YAF) and we continue their legacy in protest of this attack on a woman's right to choose.

Reproductive rights are human rights, and if humans aren't ready to get up and fight for those rights, then the blood of women all over the United States will be on their hands. The time to act is now.

Speak up. Vote. Educate others on where to access safe reproductive health care. Donate to support safe reproductive health care.

We express solidarity with our khavertes in the United States.

לאָמיר ,,קעמפֿן צוזאַמען װי מעכטיקע לײבן פֿאַר פֿרײַהײט, פֿאַר גלײַכהײט, פֿאַר אונדזער פּרינציפּ”.

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