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Statement on Events in Israel

The Jewish Labour Bund and SKIF condemn in the strongest terms the ongoing Hamas and Islamic Jihad led attack on Israel and expresses its solidarity with the Israeli people and the world Jewish community during this difficult time.

We call on Hamas to immediately release all those who it has brutally kidnapped and to immediately withdraw and cease fire, in an effort to de-escalate the conflict, which can only bring immense suffering and death. We call on Israel to make maximal efforts to avoid civilian casualties whilst acknowledging the absolute imperative of freeing the captives and defending from acts of terror.

We implore those in power to demonstrate the true leadership that their people and region needs so that a process of dialogue and negotiation can commence which will lead to a secure, permanent and just peace.

The Bund calls on the international community to resolutely condemn this act of aggression. We call on world leaders to work for the withdrawal of all Hamas forces, for the release of all captives and to provide support to those in need.

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