125 years of fighting for frayhayt, glaykhayt un gerekhtikayt - freedom, equality & justice.


The Jewish Labour Bund in Melbourne was established in 1928 and continues to enact its ideological focus of frayhayt, glaykhkayt and gerekhtikayt (freedom, equality and justice) today. The Bund focuses on creating and nurturing a strong sense of secular Jewish identity through Yiddish language and culture in our community. Learn more about our history here.

The Bund runs a number of cultural and political events throughout the year and is involved in wider community forums and rallies such as the Bono Weiner Lecture, Yiddish music performances and events for Jewish yom toyvim (holidays). We also have an extensive collection of events, lectures and entertaining videos through our Bund Online page.


Archiving Call Out

We are currently seeking materials to add to our new Bund and SKIF archive. 

If you have any MELBOURNE related Bund, SKIF, Tsukunft photos, videos, sound bytes, documents, please get in touch to organise digitisation. 

Contact us here.

Chana Mrocki Memorial Mentorship

In honouring the legacy of Chana Mrocki’s contributions to the Bund and Yiddish community, the mentorship offers artists an opportunity to be mentored by leading professionals from across the globe to create new Yiddish art which compliments and promotes Bundist values.


The mentor for the Inaugural Chana Mrocki Memorial Mentorship Program will be international troubadour Daniel Kahn and will be open to songwriters. For more information click the link below.


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Upcoming Events

Songs of Struggle:
Yiddish Workers Song Workshop Series
with Daniel Kahn (USA)

The Jewish Labour Bund is proud to present “Songs of Struggle”. Led by Daniel Kahn, participants will delve into the world of Yiddish songs of the working class, including some favourites and hidden treasures. This series of three workshops will leave you with an understanding of the experiences of Jewish workers and Bundistn during key moments in history.

Prior knowledge of Yiddish is not a requirement for this series - resources will be provided in transliteration and with translation.

7:30pm AEDT
Mondays 10, 17 & 24 October
via Zoom