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125 years of fighting for frayhayt, glaykhayt un gerekhtikayt - freedom, equality & justice.


The Jewish Labour Bund in Melbourne was established in 1928 and continues to enact its ideological focus of frayhayt, glaykhkayt and gerekhtikayt (freedom, equality and justice) today. The Bund focuses on creating and nurturing a strong sense of secular Jewish identity through Yiddish language and culture in our community. Learn more about our history here.

The Bund runs a number of cultural and political events throughout the year and is involved in wider community forums and rallies such as the Bono Weiner Lecture, Yiddish music performances and events for Jewish yom toyvim (holidays). We also have an extensive collection of events, lectures and entertaining videos through our Bund Online page.


Archiving Call Out

We are currently seeking materials to add to our new Bund and SKIF archive. 

If you have any MELBOURNE related Bund, SKIF, Tsukunft photos, videos, sound bytes, documents, please get in touch to organise digitisation. 

Contact us here.

Bund Khaveyrim Survey

In 2023, we will be holding a series of events called "Men Redt Nisht Vegn Dem" / "One Doesn't Talk About That", which will invite Bund members, supporters and the Bund and SKIF community to work towards a shared vision for the future - in terms of our goals, activities, work and ideology. We want to explore the difficult topics that we sometimes avoid.


The first step is by completing this survey. By taking our survey, you can provide us with YOUR perspectives and thoughts about what Bund means to you. Your views will help us set out a roadmap for our other events which will be spaced across the year.


Your input will be crucial in ensuring that the Bund remains relevant and responsive to the needs and interests of our community.

Upcoming Events

Man Playing Guitar
Me Redt Nisht Vegn Dem
Bund Policy Discussion Night
#1: Socialism / Sotsyalizm
4 June 2023
Time and Location TBA

We want to make our vision clearer, allowing us to focus our efforts on building a shenerer un beserer velt.

We hope to engage our community to share what is important to them in how the Bund focuses our ideology.

Bono Wiener Memorial
9 July 2023
7:30pm at Glen Eira Town Hall

Save the date for the Bund's annual Bono Wiener Memorial Lecture. 

Speaker to be announced soon!

Night of the Murdered Poets
13 August 2023
Time & Venue TBA

Bund and LINK Zine host a night of poetry, expression, commemoration and song, remembering the Yiddish poets, writers, activists, academics and 'tuers' who were murdered by the Soviet regime.

Ticket link coming soon.

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