Over 125 years of fighting for frayhayt, glaykhayt un gerekhtikayt - freedom, equality & justice.


The Jewish Labour Bund in Melbourne was established in 1928 and continues to enact its ideological focus of frayhayt, glaykhkayt and gerekhtikayt (freedom, equality and justice) today. The Bund focuses on creating and nurturing a strong sense of secular Jewish identity through Yiddish language and culture in our community. Learn more about our history here.

The Bund runs a number of cultural and political events throughout the year and is involved in wider community forums and rallies such as the Bono Weiner Lecture, Yiddish music performances and events for Jewish yom toyvim (holidays). We also have an extensive collection of events, lectures and entertaining videos through our Bund Online page.


Archiving Call Out

We are currently seeking materials to add to our new Bund and SKIF archive. 

If you have any MELBOURNE related Bund, SKIF, Tsukunft photos, videos, sound bytes, documents, please get in touch to organise digitisation. 

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Bund Membership Drive 2022-23

This year, the Bund turns 125 years old. Throughout our history our mission remains the same: to make a shenerer un beserer velt far ale (a more beautiful and better world for everyone). By every measure, we continue to be true to our beliefs and our mission, with Yiddishkayt, Doikayt, Sotzyalism at the core of the many activities we staged this past year.

Bund membership is growing, SKIF attendances are growing and the audience at our events is growing. There is a visceral hunger for our ideas and our activities, and it is essential that we keep providing these, both to satisfy the demand for thoughtful, progressive, Jewish activity and to build the next generation of Bundistn dedicated to making Jewish life richer and the world better.

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Introducing Mitzi Manna

Meet Mitzi Manna, the world’s only Yiddish drag queen.

The alter ego of Shane Baker, described by the New York Times as “one of the most prominent proponents of Yiddish theatre, language and culture in New York City”, is the hardest working girl on the stage today. Introducing Mitzi Manna, In Her First Ever, Final Farewell Tour tells the story of how Yiddish theatre saved her life. The show includes cheap jokes, modernist poetry, filthy songs, and amazing magic tricks.


Baker, the director of New York Yiddishist organisation Congress for Jewish Culture, has performed Yiddish theatre on stages around the world, from Carnegie Hall to Stockholm’s Royal Dramatic Theatre. He is thrilled to be returning to Melbourne for the first time since 2016. Don’t miss this unforgettable performance!


The performance is in English and Yiddish, with English surtitles.

Bund members receive discounted tickets.

17 September 2022
7 Selwyn St, Elsternwick