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Statement Regarding One Nation's Proposed Address

The Jewish Labour Bund and SKIF welcome the cancellation of the proposed address to the Jewish community by One Nation senators Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts.

Whilst we, as an organisation, value open debate, we stand firmly against the false and harmful statements made by the senators in question and by many who have supported this event. We find such derogatory statements to be harmful to our multicultural Australian society, which we hold so dear. The same freedom from hatred that we wish to be upheld for our community must also be upheld for all multicultural communities.

As we see it, it is not possible for One Nation to appeal to our community whilst simultaneously attacking another. As Australians and as human beings, we are all owed the same rights and respect. It is our responsibility, as a community, to stand with those who have been attacked by One Nation, based on their religious or cultural background. Only together can we put the "Never" in "Never Again".


The Jewish Labour Bund and SKIF

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